It’s what we’ve done since 1994, back in the day when websites were hand-coded and everybody had dial-up Internet connections so graphics had to be extra-light so they would download fast. Most people surfed the web on 15-inch monitors at 640×480 and some monitors supported only 16 colors. We watched as Mosaic became Netscape and then Netscape was crushed by Internet Explorer, and now Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the next giant-killers.

Indigo Web Services creates websites for a wide variety of organizations including restaurants, attorneys, seed growers, engineering firms, retailers and wholesalers, an Italian bed & breakfast, an art dealer, motorcycle shops, optometrists, and even a metal fabrication shop. Our clients are here, there and everywhere, and many we’ve never met face-to-face. It doesn’t seem to matter so long as we do a nice job in a timely fashion.

We take time to work with our customers on an individual basis, learning as much as possible about their business, their business rules, their customers, and their goals. The process culminates with delivery of a collaborative effort; a custom-tailored, truly functional website.

Once a site design is complete, we are available for continuing maintenance to ensure the site retains a fresh look and information for returning customers. Normal turnaround on simple updates is less than 24 hours.

Where does a website begin?

With you! You have an idea, a concept, a goal. When you call us we begin by working with you to determine what those goals are and how we can help you achieve them. We help you organize your thoughts by outlining your site, breaking it down into understandable chunks that can be more easily digested by your potential clients.

From there we work with you to find a look and feel that will best appeal to your customers and that best reflects your company. Sometimes we start with nothing at all, just an idea, but most often we begin with an existing logo or literature and build around the designs in which you’ve already invested.

To get started with your web site, contact us – We can make it happen!