Keith James loves restoring things. His skills with Adobe Photoshop allow him to take old, neglected, damaged photographs and not only repair them, but bring black and white photos back to life through the art of colorization. Use the slider bars on the images below to see the old versus the new.

Born and raised in southern California, Keith now resides happily on a small farm in northeast Indiana and has photographed professionally since 2010. To learn more about Keith’s work, visit KeithJamesPhoto.comFacebook, or Instagram.

Keith James
Keith JamesPhotographer
Leander & Nathaniel Eagles, circa 1911Leander & Nathaniel Eagles, circa 1911

Leander & Nathaniel Eagles, circa 1911

Family photo restoration, beforeFamily photo restoration, after

Family Photo Restoration


World War I Soldier from Minnesota

Melvin Bothwell, 1908 (original photo)Melvin Bothwell, 1908 (colorized)

Melvin Bothwell in his motorcycle outfit, 1908


Frank & Prentice Bothwell, circa 1898

Nettie Bothwell, 1885 (after restoration & colorization)Nettie Bothwell, 1885 (after restoration & colorization)

Nettie Bothwell’s wedding portrait, 1885

Melvin Bothwell, 1885 (before restoration & colorization)Melvin Bothwell, 1885 (after restoration & colorization)

Melvin Bothwell’s wedding portrait, 1885

Chuck Darling, Boston College, 1924 (before restoration & colorization)Chuck Darling, Boston College, 1924 (after restoration & colorization)

Chuck Darling at Boston College, 1924

Photo burned in fire (before photo restoration)Photo burned in fire (after photo restoration)

Photo restored from fire

Vintage Barbershop Photo (before restoration)Vintage Barbershop Photo (after restoration)

Barber, circa 1920


Ernie, circa 1936

Little girl, circa 1940 (before photo restoration & colorization)Little girl, circa 1940 (after photo restoration & colorization)

Jean, circa 1942

Young Boy, 1908 (before photo restoration & colorization)Young Boy, 1908 (before photo restoration & colorization)
Depression Era Field Worker (before photo restoration & colorization)Depression Era Field Worker (after photo restoration & colorization)

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