They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so capturing a property in its best light can make all the difference in selling a home or business. Our high-resolution photographs are carefully shot and prepared to help REALTORS® move their properties quickly.

We don’t take snapshots; we use a tripod and professional camera to take multiple images of a scene, then use a “stacking” technique called bracketing to blend those images. This ensures that the interior of a room is exposed correctly, as well as the scene out the windows.

After each photo shoot, every image is carefully reviewed. The selected photos are then meticulously edited to show off the best of each room, without over-editing to remove things a potential buyer may dislike, such as oil spots on a driveway or scratches on cabinetry. We present properties honestly, but we strive to do it beautifully.

Born and raised in southern California, Keith now resides happily on a small farm in northeast Indiana and has photographed professionally since 2010. To learn more about Keith’s work, visit, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Keith James
Keith JamesPhotographer